Department of Performing in Folk Instruments


  Mirpayazov Bahodir Alimovich
Scientific degree and scientificrank Acting professor
Position: Head of a chair
Reception days: on Mondays – on Thursday from 14:00 till 16:00
Telephone number: + 99890-900-03-62


Department of Performing in Folk Instruments

Uzbek folk musical instruments are one of the values ​​of our nation, which has been in the centuries-old traditions. In 1948, the Uzbek Folk Instruments Department was established in the Tashkent State Conservatory’s Orchestra faculty in 1948 to become a popular musical instrument. In the folk instruments performed the perfection of highly skilled scientific pedagogical and executive personnel on the conduct of performance and folk musical orchestra.

Ashot Ivanovich Petrosyants (1910-1978), a well-known musician, a great coach, a great musician, took the lead in these works. His creative activity is devoted to theoretical and practical problems of improving the Uzbek folk instruments. It created the basis for the development of Uzbek music culture, the multi-voice ensemble and orchestra.

Over the years, the department has been developed and developed, today there are 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 candidates of science, senior lecturers, teachers, leading concertmakers. The number of students is 205, scholarships, winners of international competitions. Conducting international and republican conferences has become a tradition.

At the moment, the department carries out effective work on education of young vocal cadets in the direction of performing arts.

 Professors, associate professors, state laureates of the department who have a Ph.D. degree: M.I. Tashmuhamedov, B.G. Azimov, A.R. Tashmatova, O.F. Nazarov, Q.N. Nazirov, B.A. Mirpayazov, R.M. Hodjaeva, N.S. Sharipov, I.I. Ikramov, A.B. Mamadaliev, Z.Turapovs.

Nowadays, the faculty is actively working on preparation of textbooks and manuals.

Professors of the department are actively involved in public affairs. In particular, they promote the legislation adopted by the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan in mahallas, students’ dormitories and other arts institutions.

Professors and teachers of the department are constantly engaged in educational work in the groups as “Teacher-trainer”. They will always be with their group of students on spiritual, cultural, public, sports and other events.

Professors and teachers of the department regularly participate in scientific, practical conferences, seminars at international, republican and local levels.



Veterans of the department:

At the department leading specialists in the field are working in the Republic. Among them are professor Toshmuhamedov Murod Ibragimovich; Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, Professor Nazarov Odiljon Fozilovich; candidate of art sciences, professor Tashmatova Azatgul Rakhimovna; Candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Azimov Bakhtiyor Ganievich are experienced teachers who are winners of republican and international competitions. Professors and teachers of the department are actively involved in international conferences.

 Kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari

Toshmuhamedоv Murod Ibragimovich



 Azimov Bakhtiyor Ganievich

 Сandidate of pedagogical sciences, docent


Tashmatova Azatgul Rakhimovna

 Candidate of Fine Arts, Professor



 Nazarov Odiljon Fazylovich

 honored artist of Uzbekistan, professor

Nazirov Kakhramon Nurmukhamedovich

 Professor, a professor


Sharipov No’monjon Sotivoldiyevich



Khodjaeva Ruzibi Madiyevna



Ikromov Ilhom Inogamovich


  Mamadaliev Axadjon Bogilloyivech



Turapov Zulhar Zainabiddinovich


  Saydaliyev Yusufhon Aslonovich

Associate Professor


Tikhonov Anatoly

senior teacher

  Gochbakarov Azat Amanovich

 senior teacher


Xaydaraliyeva Durdona Erkinovna

 senior teacher

  Karimov Fayzulla Ubaydullayevich

senior teacher


Dosimbetov Botir Khaytmuratovich

senior teacher

  Eshonxojayev Umid Hojiakbarovich

senior teacher


Nabiyeva Malohat Abdumajidovna

senior teacher

  Meliboev Dilshodjon Alijonovich



Yunusov Ulugbek Abdulhashimovich



Khojaeva Surayyo Husniddinovna

 senior teacher


Islamov Azamat Haydarovich



Isayev Ulugbek Zoirovich



Relations of the department:

The department cooperates closely with the following high schools: academic lyceums and orchestras.

State Institute of Arts and Culture of Uzbekistan.

RIMAL named R. Glier

“Sogdiana” State Folk Instruments Chamber Orchestra.

R.Uspensky RIMAL.

Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami.

At the department conducts conferences, monographs, textbooks, manuals, manuals, guides and graduate studies, and also reviews them.

Subjects taught at the department

For Bachelor’s Degree:

• Performing in the folk instruments (specialty)

• Performing Arts History

• Notation of folk music

• Learning musical instruments

• Class of ensemble

• Methods of teaching in folk instruments

• Get acquainted with folk musical instruments

• The method of preparing the execution program

• Basics of instrument making

• Basics of performing concerts


Anthology of folk musical instruments

For Master’s Degree:

• Folk instruments (specialty)

• Ensemble skill

• Contemporary trends in music art

• The theory and practice of performing skills improvement



Publications of the teaching staff of the department:


A.Lutfullaev “Methods of teaching in folk instruments” Music publishing house Tashkent 2010

• A.Lutfullayev “Concerts for Chang” Publishing House “Musiqa” Tashkent, 2010


I.Ikromov “Doira” Publishing house “Musiqa” Tashkent 2012

• Nadirov “Gijjak” Publishing House “Musiqa” Tashkent 2012


List of monographs:

2015 year

• “State Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Uzbekistan named after Doni Zokirov” monograph. Tashmatova Azatgul – Tashkent.2015 y.265 b.


2016 Year

• State folk musical orchestra “Sogdiana”; monograph Tashmatova Azatgul – Tashkent2016 y.

List of educational-methodical works:

2014 year

• Sharipov “Foreign Literature of Music” for children’s music and art schools – Tutorial. Music publishing house Tashkent 2014

2015 year

• O.Nazarov “Rubob Performing” for students of higher educational institutions – Educational manual. Publishing house «Musiqa» Tashkent2015 y

Yu.Saydaliyev “KONTRABAS” for Higher and Secondary Special Education Institutions – Tutorial. Publishing house «Musiqa» Tashkent2015 y


2016 Year

• I.I. Ikromov “Urma Improvised Instrument Ensemble” Higher Education Higher Education Institutions – Educational Manual Tashkent – Science and Technology 2016

2017 Year

• Q. Nadirov “The duet for gijjak” for the third year students of the Higher Music Education bachelor degree in the institutions of the musical education institutions. Publishing house “Musiqa” Tashkent.2017 y

• A.Mamadaliev “Class of the ensemble” for higher education institutions – Tutorial. Publishing house “Musiqa” Tashkent.2017 y




Students’ lives

    All students regularly attend various spiritual and educational events held in their own CC. Participate in lectures to present their theoretical knowledge.

Our students, who are studying at our department, are making great strides in various years both nationwide and internationally. An example of this is I. Abduazizov – winner of the 2nd international contest “Motherland sounds”, S.Isroilova – Saint Petersburg (Russia), winner of the XIII international contest “Siyanie zvyozd” 2017.In addition, our students are actively involved in various public events. will show. Classical concerts of the professors and lecturers of the department are regularly carried out. Such concerts are also partly held in the regions of Uzbekistan and in the regions.