Preparation and formalization of the doctoral dissertation

Requirements for the dissertation


Dissertation is prepared by applicant’s wish in the Uz­bek, Russian, Karakaplpak and English languages or oth­er language in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The title page of the dissertation is prepared according to the Annex 1 and la.

Dissertation structure is to cover the followings:


introduction (thesis annotation); main part; conclusion;

the list of used literature; the list of notations and terms (if available); annexes (if available).

Dissertation contents is to include the names of the chapters and paragraphs and their pages.

Dissertation introduction part is to express a short but the whole view of dissertation essence. Main informa­tion enclosing the essence of the dissertation is to be well edited, short, accurate and coherent.

The followings are to be enclosed in the introduction part:

Topicality and necessity of the thesis; Relevant research priority areas of science and developing tech­nology of the Republic;

A review of foreign research on the topic of dissertation (only for dissertations applying for a Doctor of Science degree); Problem development status; Relevance of the dissertation research with the plans of the scientific-research works of the higher educational or scientific re­search institutions where the dissertation has been conducted; The aim of the research work; The tasks of the research work; The object of the research work; The subject of the research work; Methods of the research; Scientific novelty of the research work; Practical results of the research work; Authenticity of the research results; Scientific and practical value of the research results; Implementation of the research results; Approbation of the research results; Publication of the research results; The outline of the thesis.

The content of the work is presented in the main part of the dissertation. The main part consists of chapters and paragraphs. The main part of the dissertation of a Doctor of Philosophy consists of at least three chapters, the main part of the dissertation of a Doctor of Science consists of at least four chapters.

The main part of Doctor of Philosophy dissertation is to be at least

of 3 chapters, Doctor of Science dissertation at least 4 chapters.

Final conclusion, idea, proposals and recommendations are brought forward thoroughly, shortly, accurately and decisively in the Conclusion part, being formalized in the numbering order.

The list of used literature is to contain the list of all sci­entific and other publications cited in the text of disser­tation.

The list of used literature is to consist of the following three parts:

normative legal documents and publications of method­ological value;

monographs, scientific articles, patents, scientific collections; other used literature;

The list of used literature is to follow alphabetic, systematic or­der or to be in accordance with the sequence of citation in the text. The sources not used and not cited in the dissertation are not included in the list.

The references to the materials used in the dissertation and their authors are to be given completely in the dis­sertation. In case of implementing the ideas and prod­ucts of the co-authors, in the process of writing a dissertation, they are to be mentioned in the dissertation and dissertation abstract. Comments are to be given to the frequently occurred special signs and abbreviations in the list of notations and terms.

Annexes of the dissertation are to be given within the main text of the dissertation or in a separate volume. Annex may include additional materials completing and describing the text of dissertation.

The sequence of annexes is to comply with their cited order in the text of dissertation.


Requirements for the preparation of the dissertation text


The scope of dissertation applying for a Doctor of Phi­losophy is not to exceed 60 pages, for a Doctor of Science not more than 100 pages (text is to be printed on both sides of the page). The scope of dissertation in the field of social and humanity sciences can be increased by 30%. The contents, the list of used literature, the list of notations and terms and annexes are not included in the indicated scope.