Honored Artist of Uzbekistan, Vice-Rector of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistanin Charge of Scientific Research and Innovation, Professor Sayyora Gafurova attended an event organized by the FAZIOLI Company, world-famous for its pianos and concert pianoson July 21-24, this year.

Among the invitees were the rectors of the National Conservatory of Azerbaijan and Baku Academy of Music, the Kazakh National Conservatory, and other leading specialists in this field.

As part of the event, a meeting was held with the Director of FAZIOLI company Paolo Fazioli. The participants wereintroduced to the technological process of piano and piano instruments creation. In addition, the guests had the opportunity to play on an up and running musical instrument and express their opinions and comments as experts.

It is worth mentioning that Paolo Fazioli, a professional pianist with the degree in engineering, founded FAZIOLI Company in 1981. This company produces more than 100 grand pianos annually. Each piano production process takes more than two years.

The widespread use of this company’s products in musical educational institutions means that its brand ishighly recognized among performers.


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