Human Resources

Academic degree and title no
Position: Head of department
Reception days Monday-Saturday 9am to 4pm
Tel.: +99871-244-94-53

Functions of the Department

– having sufficient knowledge and experience in these areas in cooperation with the heads of departments and departments, being able to properly assess the existing opportunities, developing the sectortirishga preparation of proposals to the rector in accordance with the established procedure for the selection and appointment of potential candidates worthy in all respects;

– to provide the conservatory with qualified personnel, to take measures to attract worthy and hopeful young people to leadership work;

– preparation of reserve in accordance with the legislation for the leadership of the central office of the conservatory and its departments within the scope of authority;

– to participate in the collection of personal documents of employees within the scope of the authority, as well as in the analysis and evaluation of their activities;

– attestation of network employees, methodological provision and participation in the organization;

– preparation of proposals for measures in the established order to encourage employees of the central office of the conservatory, relevant managers for their achievements in the work or for their shortcomings;

– to formalize the relevant documents on the recommendation of the employees of special services to the state awards of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

– consideration of applications, complaints and appeals related to the activity of the Department;

– preparation of proposals on the organization of training and professional development of senior managers and professors and teachers in the system of the conservatory;

– participation in the development of proposals on material and social support of heads of the central administration of the conservatory, professors and teachers, heads of departments, employees;

– control over compliance of employees with the rules of labor discipline, internal Labor order;

– to ensure that every situation in which the labor discipline, rules of internal order are violated are considered in depth and objectively;

– to ensure that the documents of employees on the work record books and personal composition are kept in the established order.