The General Piano Department

Academic degree and title Docent
Position: Head of department
Reception days Wednesday-Thursday 10:00-17:00
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The General Piano Department

The formation of piano art in our republic has a relatively small but glorious history. The  art of playing the piano, at a certain historical stage, has become so integral to the formation of a  musician that is taught not only in a special faculty preparing soloists-pianists, concertmasters,  ensembles; but it was included in a number of compulsory disciplines of musical education of  strings, winds, vocalists, musicologists, in a word, musicians of all specialties. Actually, this most  important task of the piano course stimulated the opening in 1948 of the department of the  general piano course.

The origins of our department were such outstanding musicians as: Galina Nikolaevna  Akalaeva, Roza Shakirovna Karimova, Galina Borisovna Kalmikova, Larisa Viktorovna  Plushenko, Valentina Alexandrovna Kachura, Anna Lvovna Orlova, Lidia Petrovna Belorusets,  Nina Sergeevna  Doroshenko, Lilia Abramovna Kazarova, Lidia Vasilyevna Stankevich, Larisa  Krylova, Ludmila Matveevna Lutskaya, Inna Mironovna Benderskaya and Tamara Iosifovna  Davidova.

During the existence of the department “General Piano” it was in charge of such wonderful  musicians as Podgorniy A.I, Azimov Kh. F., Akalaeva G.N, Vagapova L.A, Zakirov S.A, Zakirova  Sh.S. Members of the department actively participate in public events.

With the arrival of the leadership Kazakbaev M.S. in 2013, the activities of the department  began, such as active staffing, performing, scientific and methodological growth.

At the moment, wonderful teachers work at the department, such as the honorary professor  G. Yu.Shamirzaeva, associate Professors – I.A.Abdullaev, Sh.M.Saidov, D.S.Khayitbaeva, Acting  Docent – A.A.Bashirov, Sh.S. Zakirova, Senior teachers – I.V.Belova, M.S.Yakubova. Teachers  А.А.Аn, А.М. Usmanova, S.S.Azizov, G.A. Elmuradova, D.I. Riskimuhamedova, D.D.Ilyasova.

The department is proud of the scientific and methodological achievements of the faculty,  as they have written and published textbooks, educational tools and a large number of scientific  and methodical articles and collections.

And also teachers of our department regularly participate in republican and international  competitions, scientific and methodical conferences. Teachers of the department are holders of  the diploma and the title of laureates at international and republican competitions. Among them:  the head of the department, associate professor M.S.Kazakbaeva, teachers – A.A.An, G.A.  Elmuradova, A.M.Usmanova. S.S.Azizov.

2016 for the first time in the history of the Department of the General Piano student assistant  professor I.A. Abdullaeva-Zarina Khamzina, was awarded Grand Prix at the 2nd international  competition “Evroasia piano forum”, which was held in Kazakhstan in the city of Astana.

The Department of the “General Piano” placed serious on further improvement of the  teaching and educational process, improving the quality of teaching, enhancing the musical,  educational and aesthetic-educational work. The department meets the modern requirements of  the quality of education of the university.