Academic degree and title PhD
Position: Head of Chair
Reception days Monday-Friday (09:00-16:00)
Tel.: 90 121-91-34

The chair has a special place in the organizational structure of conservatory and their activities designed to provide directed training of future specialists of musical art, literary norms of the Uzbek, English and Russian languages, as well as the culture of speech, and the basics of the Eastern and  Uzbek classical poetry.

The chair is actively using many years of experience of the staff, which for years have operated well-known academicians, teachers, experts in the field of language and literature: Hero of Uzbekistan, holder of the Order “El-yurt Hurmati” researcher of the works of the great Uzbek poet AlisherNavoi, professor S.Ganieva.

Today, academic and creative potential of the chair is growing and developing under the leadership Ph.D, assistant professor S.Nurmatova. The chair has a PhD, assistant professor S. Hamdamova, Ph.D., S.Rahmonova, acting assistant professor M. Abdullaeva, senior teachers: I.Shakirova, N.Talipova and teachers: N.Kurbanova, A Turaev.

The purpose of  chair in teaching foreign languages ​​- as the musicians prepare students to read academic literature and to the direct business communication in the language environment, as well as use of the opportunities of foreign languages ​​in the creative activity of the future professionals of musical art.

Subjects taught at the department

  • English language
  • Russian language
  • Uzbek language
  • Basics of Uzbek classical poetry
  • Introduction to Eastern poetry
  • Elocution lessons (rhetoric)
  • Lecture’s elocution
  • Aruz and classical music


  1. NurmatovaSevara -Candidate of Philological Science, associate professor
  2. AbdullaevaMunavara –PhD, associate professor
  3. KhamdamovaSayora Candidate of Philological Science, associate professor
  4. RakhmanovaSayora – Candidate of Philological Science, lecturer
  5. ShokirovaIroda – seniorlecturer
  6. TalipovaNilufar – senior lecturer
  7. KurbanovaNilufar – lecturer
  8. TuraevAlisher – lecturer

Partner organizations

  • Academiclyceum for talented youth and the auspice of the state Conservatory of Uzbekistan
  • Department of western languages of the Islamic University
  • Institute of art criticism named after KamoliddinBekhzod.