Ergasheva Chinora Ergash kizi
 Scientific degree Doctor of philosophy (PhD) in art sciences
Position: Department Chair
Reception days: Everyday  (14:00-16:00)
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  Department of History and Theory of the Uzbek Makamwas founded in 1972 on the initiative of the musicologist, Doctor of Art, Professor F.Karamatov. It was establishedas “Department of Oriental Music” for the first time in the former Soviet Union according to the Scientific Council of the Tashkent State Conservatory, April 1972.

The first purpose of the department was to practically study and teaching of oral music performanceof the Uzbek classical music (the basis of Uzbek music – Shashmaqom, Khorezm maqams, Ferghana-Tashkent maqoms, great songs, etc.).Secondly, it was the preparation of specialists who could translate Oriental folk music directly to the Uzbek title, translate the works of Arabic, Persian and Turkic origin of our ancestors, who brought the Oriental Musical Studies into independent sciences, and could interpret them in terms of music.

The department of folklore music under the chair has had an impact on the effectiveness of education. For trainings, the practice of the experts invited to the event such as professor I.Rajabov (“Manbashunoslik” and “Principles of the Makam”), professor A. Jabborov (“History of Uzbek Music”), composer Sh.Shaymardanova (“Notation”), F.Sodiqov (“Dutar and Chang Performance Ensemble”); R.Rajabiy, T.Inogamov, M.Muhamedov, S.Takhalov (“Tanbur, nay, kashgar rubobi” specialty), O.Alimakhsumov (Specialty “Traditional performance”), Z.Oripov, Z.Nasullaev, K.Avasenov (“Oriental languages – Persian, Arab, Urdu”), young teachers O.Matyakubov and R.Abdullaev (“Fundamentals of Traditional Uzbek Music”, “Notation”  and “Folklore Practice”).

The young musician students came from not only our country, but also from the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Tajikistan, where they graduated from studies and continued their scientific and performing activities, becoming prominent singers and musicians.

Among the first graduates of the international students are Doctor of Arts, Professor A.Nizomov and F.Aziziy (Tajikistan), Doctor of Art Sciences, Professor A.Nazarov, Candidates of Art Studies, A. Jumayev and O.Malkeeva.

The teachers of the department have released more than ten textbooks and teaching manuals, namely:

Z.Nassulaev – Prospects on the Persian language (2008), translation into Uzbek of the book Achariya Brihaspati Music of Muslims and Hindustan Peninsula (2009);

R.Yunusov – monographs “Fakhriddin Sodikov” (2005) and “Composer Mirsodiq Tojiev” (2018) and the brochure “Uzbek Makams” (2018) in Uzbek, Russianand English languages and the textbook “Solfeggio”;

R.Abdullaev – monograph “Baysun”. Traditional Musical Culture (2006), “The textbook of Uzbek classical music” (2008) and the monograph “Ritual and music in the context of the culture of Uzbekistan and Central Asia” (2010);

I.Ganieva – textbook “Music culture of the east” (2011) in Uzbek, Russian and English.

S.Begmatov – “Maqom sunray yullari” (2004), monographic study guide “Mukhtorzhon Murtazoev” (2006) in co-authorship with A.Zokirov; textbooks for masters; in co-authorship with N. Kadyrov “Class of traditional ensemble”, in co-authorship with M. Matiakubov “Uzbek traditional instruments” (2008), “Art of hafiz” (2009), monograph “OrifAlimahsumov” (2017);

Renewal of the well-known makam scientist I.Rajabov’s “Makams” monograph (edited under O.Ibrohimov);

Z.Oripov’s researches in source studies – “Oriental musical sources” (X-XI centuries) textbook (2008), monograph “Musical terms in the Book of Kitobu-l-kafi fi-musitaia Ibn Zayly” (2008); Monograph “Music of Central Asia of X-XV centuries” (2017);

K.Kurbanov – “Epic vocal performance” part of the textbook “History of vocal art”;

Sh. Ayhodjaeva – scientific monograph “Maqom taronalari” (2011).

According to the decree of the head of our country Sh.M.Mirziyoev from November, 17 th, 2017 PQ-3391 the department has renamed “History and Theory of the Uzbek Makam”. Until today, the department has been headed by FK Karamatov, R. Yu.Yunusov, Z.T.Oripov, S.B.Begmatov, I.A.Ganieva. Nowadays, the senior teacher Ch.E.Ergasheva heads the department “History and Theory of the Uzbek Makam”. Moreover, there work well-qualified professionals such as Professor R.Abdullaev, Professor Z.Oripov, Honored Art Worker of Uzbekistan, Professor R.Yunusov, Candidate of Art Studies, Professor S.Begmatov, Candidate of Art Sciences, Associate Professor I.Ganieva, candidate of art sciences, associate professor Sh.Oyxujayeva, senior teachers H.Kurbonov, Ch.Ergasheva, M.Azamova, teachers N.Ahmedova, L.Jurayeva, N.Karimova and G.Husainova.


BA programs


·        5150200 – Musicology

MA specialization


·        5A150200 – Music Art.

BA subjects


1. Principles of Makam.
2. History of Uzbek Music.
3. Fundamentals of traditional Uzbek music.
4. Introduction to art criticism
5. The History of Music of the Orient.
6. Folk music creativity.
7. Persian language.
8. Arabic.
9. Notification.
10. Principles of Ethnomusigraphy.
11. Fundamentals of manuscript.
12. Folklore practice.
13. Art criticism (musicology).
14. History and theory of the Uzbek makam


MA specialization

1.     Music culture of Uzbekistan.
2. Art of music.
3. Manuscript.
4. Notification
5. Foreign Language (Arabic)
6. Oriental peoples’ makam
7. Makam and modern composer creativity.


Department professor-teachers

 Rustam Abdullaev 

  Doctor of Art science



Zаkir Аripov

 Candidate of Philology science



Ravshan Yunusov

Candidate of Art science



 Iroda Ganieva

  Candidate of Art  science

Associate professor

Shahnoza Ayhojaeva

Candidate of Art Criticism

Associate professor


Kholmurza Kurbanov

  Senior lecturer


Aziz Zokirov

  Senior lecturer


Azamova Munojat 

  Senior lecturer

  Nilufar Akhmedova



Husainova Gulnoza 



Former professor-teachers of the department

1. Fayzulla Karomatli – Doctor of Arts, Professor
2. Ishak Rajabov – Doctor of Art, Professor
3. Ahmadjon Jabborov – Professor.
4. Otanazar Matyakubov – Candidate of Art, Professor
5. Abdulaziz Hashimov – Doctor of Art, Professor
6. Alexander Jumaev – Candidate of Art, Professor
7. Abdumannon Nazarov – Doctor of Art, Professor


Partners of the department

The Uzbek National Center of the Maqom art
• Association of Composers and Composers of Uzbekistan
• Research institute of art criticism
• Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan
• Academic lyceums and colleges of music and art
Tashkent state institute of oriental studies

  Publications of professor-teachers of the department. List of scientific articles