Department of history and theory of uzbek maqom



(PhD) in Art science: Academic degree and title Doctor of  philosophy

Position: Head of the Department

Reception Days: Daily from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.




The Department of “Musical Oriental Studies” was founded in 1972.

The department was headed by a doctor of art history, professor Fayzulla Karamatov. From the moment  the department was founded, the main tasks were: preservation and development of traditional music, mastering the skills of traditional singing and instrumental performance, training oriental musicians fluent in Oriental languages. The main purpose of the department is the study and teaching of Uzbek classical music (the main genres of Uzbek traditional music – Shashmaqom, Khorezm maqom Fergana-Tashkent maqoms katta ashula (big song), etc.).    Firstly, the practical study and teaching of the performance of music of oral tradition, and secondly, the study of traditional music of the Eastern peoples, which are directly close to the maqoms. Scientists who raised oriental musicology to the level of independent science translated from Arabic, Persian languages and wrote comments on works, training. Significantly improved the quality of education, the foundation of the folk music cabinet. Doctor of art, professor I. Rajabov, professor A. Dzhabbarov, F. Sadykov, R. Rajabi, T. Inogomov, M. Mukhammedov, S. Takhalov, O. Alimakhsumov, Z. Oripov, Z. Nazullaev, were invited to conduct classes. K. Avasenov, young teachers O. Matyakubov, R. Abdullaev. A little later, R. Yunusov, A. Khoshimov, A. Nazarov, O. Ibrahimov, S. Begmatov began their teaching activities. Studied at the department and received academic degrees: Doctors of Art History R. Abdullaev, A. Khoshimov, Sh. Gulliev (Turkmenistan), A. Nizomov (Tajikistan), A. Nazarov, O. Ibrahimov, F. Aziziy (Taldzhikistan), Dilorom Karomatli; Candidates of art history: O. Matyakubov, A. Zhumaev, R. Yunusov, Angelika Jung (Germany), O. Malkeeva (Kazakhstan), Salohiddin Muhammad (Sudan), Nabil Hasan (Jordan), S. Begmatov, I. Ganieva, Sh. Aikhodjaev.

In recent years, professors and teachers of the department have published over ten textbooks, teaching manuals and methodical manuals: Z.Nassulaev – Persian language textbook (2008), translation of the book by Acharia  Brihaspati “Music of Muslims and the Hindustan Peninsula” into Uzbek (2009); R. Yunusov – monograph “Fakhriddin Sodikov” (2005) and the textbook “Solfeggio”; R.Abdullaev – monograph “Baysun”. Traditional musical culture (2006), “Textbook of Uzbek classical music” (2008) and the monograph “Rite and music in the context of the culture of Uzbekistan and Central Asia” (2010); I. Ganieva – textbook “History of the music of the peoples of the East” in Uzbek, Russian and English (“Music culture of the east” 2011);  S. Begmatov – “Maqom Surnay Yullari” (2004), monographic textbook “Mukhtorjon Murtazoev” (2006) in collaboration with A. Zokirov, textbooks for masters in collaboration with N. Kadyrov “Class of traditional ensemble”, in collaboration with M .Matyakubov Uzbek Traditional Instruments” (2008), “The Art of Hafiz” (2009), monograp

“Orif Alimakhsumov” (2017); Monographs of I. Rajabov “Maqoms” (special editor O. Ibrokhimov); Scientific works in the field of source studies Z.Oripova – teaching manual “Musical source of the East” (X-XI centuries) (2008), monograph “Musical terms in the treatise” Kitobu-l-kafi fi-l-musiqa “Ibn Zayly” (2008). K.Kurbanov – “Epic vocal performance”   teaching manual “History of vocal art”; Sh. Aykhodjaeva – scientific monograph “Tarony makomov” (2011)

On the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev dated November 17, 2017 No. 3391, the department was renamed to the department “History and Theory of  Uzbek  Maqom”.In different years, the department was headed by F.M. Karomatov, R.Yu. Yunusov, Z.T.Oripov, S.M. Begmatov, I.A. Ganieva.  At present, the head of the department is Ch.E. Ergashev. To date, the department has a doctor of art sciences, professor R. Abdullaev, candidate of art sciences , professor R. Yunusov, doctor of philological sciences, professor Z. Oripov, candidate of art sciences, associate professor I.Ganieva, candidate of art sciences, associate professor Sh.Aykhodzhaeva, senior lecturer, PhD Ch. Ergasheva, K. Kurbanov, A. Zokirov, M. Azamova, G. Khusainova, N. Akhmedova, N. Karimova

The department of bachelor

5150200 – Art sciences : Musicology

Specialty of the master degree of the department

5A150200 – Music art

Department Subjects for direction bachelor

  1. Basics of Maqom
  2. The history of Uzbek music
  3. The basics of Uzbek traditional music
  4. Introduction  into  art
  5. History of music of the people of the East
  6. Folk Music Art
  7. Persian language
  8. Arabic language
  9. Notation of folk music
  10. Basics of  ethnomusicology
  11. Basics of source study
  12. Folklore  practice
  13. Art criticism (musicology

For a specialty of a master degree

  1. The musical culture of Uzbekistan
  2. Musical  art
  3. Source studies.
  4. Notation of folk music ( decryption)
  5. Foreign language (Arabic)
  6. Maqom of the Eastern people