Abdullaeva Farkhod Rustambekovich
Academic degree and title Assistant professor
Position  Dean of the Faculty
Reception days Tuesday and Friday  (14:00-16:00)
Tel.: +99890-966-10-41


    History faculty

Pursuant  to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 16,      2002 No. 3052 “On the transformation of the Tashkent State Conservatory into the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan” and  the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from 31.09.2002 № 315the faculty of “variety art” was established in the state conservatory of Uzbekistan, in order to develop musical art along the lines of the national musical heritage of Uzbek people, as well as to create a new system of musical education, and improve the training of highly qualified art personnel in the State Conservatory.From the first days of our independence, our country focused on the development of music, including the national music. As a result of positive changes in 2013 a number of positive reforms were carried out at the faculty, the faculty began to refer to as “Composers, orchestral instruments and variety art”. According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 8, 2017 No. P-3178, the Resolution of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan on measures for further development and improvement, the faculty was renamed to the faculty of “variety art”.To date, the development of national variety art and the training of qualified personnel in the field of variety art is one of the priorities of our public policy.

During this short period, an enormous positive work has been done intended for increasing national, musical performance, enhancing professional musical training in musical sound directing, creating and developing a unique national school of popular singing. Given the number of applications submitted, the attention paid to this area is high.

The objective of the faculty is to prepare highly qualified specialists, like pop singing, orchestral instruments, wind and percussion instruments, string instruments, variety instruments and musical sound engineering.

The former heads of the faculty were Sakhiev Abduvahob Dzhabborovich, Ibragimova Aida Nuranovna, Umarov  Dilshod Mirsagdievich, Nazarov Hushnud Irkinovich, Hoshimov Akram Hashimovich, Nigmatov Ravshan Mahkambaevich, Imamov Ulugbek Zunnunovich.

Currently, the dean of the faculty is the associate professor of the Department of “Orchestra Instruments”, Abdullaev Farhod Rustambekovich, the deputy dean for youth affairs – Zakirov Bekzod Bakhtiyorovich, the deputy dean for academic affairs – Khabibullaev Kakhramon Rofikovich.

The multifaceted activity of the faculty is aimed at promoting Uzbek and modern music in our country and abroad.




“Variety art singing”


  “Orchestra instruments”    “Variety and instrumental performance”




 “Music engineering and IT”    ”Musical education”    “General fortepiano”


“Training of personnel

on solo singing and

musical performance”

   Zakirov Bekzod Bakhtiyor ugli

the deputy dean for youth affairs

Khabibullaev Kakhramon Rofikugli 

the deputy dean for academic affairs

Our faculty has a rich tradition not only in the field of education, but also in number of activities aimed at enhancing spirituality of students and their education.

Firstly, there is an “Ustoz-shogird” (teacher-student) system aimed at improving the spiritual and moral education of freshmen, facilitating them with adaptation to the life in conservatory.

As soon as students are admitted to the first year, groups of specialists are selected from among the teachers who are well familiar with the methodology and practice of spiritual and educational work. They will be advisors for students in the field of teaching and learning, and spiritual and moral mentors for the freshmen.

All spiritual and educational events that are held at the conservatory are organized with the support of educational consultants.From the 2nd year of undergraduate education, counselors gradually begin to switch to the full-fledged “Ustoz-shogird” system. Starting from the third year, there will be an opportunity and a social need for this system. Apart from academic work, teachers are responsible for future employees’ qualifications, their moral and ethical image, and professional skills.

The following events are traditionally and widely held at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan:

The Independence Day of the Republic.

“Knowledge Day”, scientific and theoretical conferences.

“Student Award Ceremony”

“Day of teachers and mentors”

“New Year”

Each teacher organizes his own report and class concerts; active participation at the holiday “Navruz”; “Day of remembrance and Honors.” It has become customary to hold various events, meetings, discussions in the conservatory.

On May 9, students visit veterans homes and elderly professors and teachers.




1. Oksana Nechitailo – 2nd place at the International Competition of pop singers in Russia (St. Petersburg).2. Diana Ziyatdinova – the winner of the 2nd prize at the international competition of pop singers in Ukraine (Yalta).

3.Lilia Fatkulina the winner of the 2nd place of the International Competition for Young Performers in Russia (Moscow).

4. Karina Timofeyeva –the winner of the special prize at the international dance ensemble “Jurmala 2003” in Latvia, Russia (Moscow), 2004 – 1st place in the competition of young talents.5Odiljon Tulaganov – winner of the Republican contest of pop singers “New Names”.

6. Aysel Balich the winner of several international jazz festivals.

7. Ulugbek Kholikov – the winner of the project “Zo’r-Zo’r Star”

8. Shirin Muzaffarova-breastplate “Uzbekistanin Belgishi”

9. Murtazaev Iskandar – International Competition “New Names”, Russian Federation, first place, 1992

10. Umarov Stanislav – International Clarinet Competition, 1st place, Russian Federation, 200011.Kamil Musaev – International Competition for String Instruments “RioGrande” 1st place, USA, 2000.12. Isaakov Dmitry – International Glazunovsky competition. Winner of the 2nd place, France, 2003.13. Imamov Oybek – the winner of the 1st place of the international competition “Shabyt” in the Republic of Kazakhstan. 2006

14.Ibragimov Sunnat – Shabyt, Republic of Kazakhstan, 1st place. 2006

15. ZuparovDonior “Shabyt”, Republic of Kazakhstan, 2 place. 200616.SobitovaDinara, NormatovaFeruza, ZulfikarovaInna, ImamovOybek – Quartetofstringedinstruments – “Shabyt” RepublicofKazakhstan 1stplace, 200717.Kabdurakhmanov Alibek, Makhmudov Ulugbek, Riskiev Jamshid – Percussion Instrumental Ensemble “Shabyt”, Kazakhstan GRAN-PRI, 2007

18.Ashirmatov Alisher – San Bartalameo Italian State, 2 nd place 2009

19.Maria Kovaleva – 4th international competition named after A. Glazunov, France, 2nd place. 2010

19.Nazarova Adolat – “Insieme”, Special prize winner of the International Competition in Italy, 2010

20.TurdievOtebek – Italy “Rovere Duro” 4th place. 2011

21.TurgunovFurkat – Diplomat “Shabyt”, Republic of Kazakhstan, 2011

22.Babin Danil – “Shabyt” Kazakhstan, 1st place. 2011

23.JumaevSardor –Special prize winner at “Shabyt”, Republic of Kazakhstan. 201224.Aksmed Sultanov –Special prize “Shabyt”, Republic of Kazakhstan, 2012

25. SabitovaZebo – “Salute of Talents” France 2nd place. 2012

26. IrmatovAkmal – “Shabyt” Kazakhstan, 3 place27.Habibullaev Kakhramon, Abduvoitov Zafar, Yuldashev Dadakhon, Republican competition of young performers 1st place 2011.

28. Makhkamova Muslimahon, Tajidinov Abdullo, Usmonova Durdon, Rajabiy Yunus string quartets – “Shabyt”, Kazakhstan 2 place 201829. Diana Galimova, Sardor Ibragimov, Guzal Satorova, Sardor Jumaev – string quartets – “SHABYT” Kazakhstan 1st place, 201830.BahromovHudojbergan – “Shabyt” Kazakhstan, 1stplacein 2018.31. DavurovTemur – “Shabyt” Kazakhstan. 2 placesin 2018

32.Nurmukhamedov Zafar – “Shabyt” Kazakhstan 3rd place in 2018