Department of “Musical Sound producing and Informatics”

Academic degree and title PhD, dotsent
Position: Head of department
Reception days Wednesday-Thursday 12:00 -15:00
Tel.: +99871 244-91-13

Functions of the Department

With the acquisition of the Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the training of specialists in the direction “Musical sound producing” began. On the initiative of the chief sound engineer, the honored cultural figure of Uzbekistan R.S. Umarhodzhaev, in the Tashkent State Conservatory since 1991-1992 academic year, classes in the direction “Musical sound producing” began. In those years, our coryphaeus -sound engineers R.S. Umarkhodzhaev, A.Tozhiev and V.N. Gushchin made a great contribution to the development of Uzbek music (recorded sound recordings to this day form the basis of the “Golden Fund” of the Uzbek TV and Radio Company), and along with this engaged in the training of young professionals.

On April 16, 2002, according to the decree of the President of the Republic of I.A.Karimov, under number 3052, the Tashkent State Conservatory was renamed the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. On September 5, 2002, according to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, under the number 343, the direction “Technogenic art (cinema-teleoperation, sound design of stage performances of cinema, television, radio and theater, musical sound production, photography, etc.) was opened.” The department of “Variety Art” was established in the SCU, and a new department of “Musical Sound producing and Informatics” was opened in its structure. Currently, the chair is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor Sh.A. Gafurova. Two candidates of sciences are engaged in creative activity at the department.


At the present time, in the SCU on the specialty of musical sound producing, bachelors (5151400) and masters (5A151401) are trained.

Subjects studied in undergraduate:

  • “The Art of Sound producing”
  • “Basics of sound producing acoustics”
  • “Equipment of sound and sound recording systems”
  • “Electronic and computer music”
  • “Technique of sounding radio, television and mass events”
  • “Methods of teaching the subject of musical sound producing”
  • “Methodology of the subject teaching Computer musical technologies”
  • “Music Computer Science and Computer Graphics”
  • “Listening and analyzing”
  • “The concept of modern natural science”
  • “Sound producing Radio”
  • “Sound production of television”
  • “Sound reinforcement and safety equipment”
  • “Modern music audio programs”
  • “Fundamentals of Physics and Electronics”
  • “Computer musical technologies”

      Subjects studied at the magistracy:

  • “Musical sound production”
  • “Analysis of phonograms”
  • “Computer musical technologies”
  • “The broadcasting of Teleradio and the sound of mass events”
  • “Modern Information and Communicative Technologies”


To date, the Department of “Musical Sound producing and Informatics” is equipped with three modern educational recording studios, one of which in 2005 was refurbished according to the Japanese government gratuitous grant. In addition, our students are provided with all the conditions for conducting practical classes in the studios of UzTRK and TV channels, where they are taught by the leading experts of UzTRK.

To date, more than 10 teaching aids and teaching aids have been published by the teaching staff of the department. In all the subjects of the department, the CMB has been trained. More than 10 audio CDs have been prepared as creative works.

In connection with a small amount of literature published in the Uzbek language on musical sound producing, the department conducts research work on the creation and implementation of educational literature in the Uzbek language.