Kasimxodjaeva Saida Batirovna
Academic degree and title: Assistant professor
Position: Head of department
Reception days: Tuesday and Friday
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Chair of History of Music was founded on the basis of the faculty the theory of music in 1947. An invaluable contribution to the development of the capacity of the chair, its professional development, the formation of scientific and methodological basis included great contribution of outstanding scientists and teachers – E.Romanovskaya, A.Kotlyarovsky, Ya.Pekker, I.Karelova, N.Orlov, S.Wexler, V.Golovina, T.Golovyants, N.Yanov-Yanovskaya, V.Plungyan, Yu.Nosirova and others.

Particularly important role of musicologist is the, ethnographer E.Romanovskaya, who has made an invaluable contribution to the development of Uzbek folklore.

The teachers-professors staff of the chair has a high level of scientific potential. The chair of the history of music is always at the forefront of musical science and education, has initiated a number of research and creative activities. During various times, J.Pekker, N.Orlov, S.Vexler, T.Gafurbekov, R.Yunusov,

Yu.Nosirova, I.Galuschenko, G.Tursunova, E.Mamozhanova, and Sh.Ganihanova headed this chair. At the present time this chair managed by S.Kosimhodzhaeva. This chair taught the leading musicologists of our republic, such as I.Dulgarova, A.Dzhabbarov, M.Novikova, K.Limanovskaya, Z.Parasko, T.Golovyants, N.Yanov-Yanovskaya, V.Plungyan, D.Malyan, I.Kachanovskaya, T.Rasulov, B.Muhamedova, G.Akbarova, G.Ambartsumova, at present time – Z.Mirhaydarova, G.Tursunova, Sh.Ganikhanova, I.Gulzarova, E.Mamadzhanova, A.Budarina, M.Abrarova. Nowadays, the chair of History of Music and critics – one ofthe leading producing chairs which are carried out on the initiative of a number ofprojects, competitions and festivals, conferences and round tables, publishing textbooks, manuals, collections of scientific papers, conducted educational activities.

Among the many activities initiated by the chair will be called International conference “Uzbekistan and Japan: Dialogue of Cultures”, festival “Golden Musical Leaf Fall” with the support of the European Union, a collection of scientific and methodological articles “Yearbook”, teachers and student conferences.



The  department is related to the faculty of BMFAXXD.

 Kafedra professor-o‘qituvchilari


Kasimhodjaeva S. B.

Assistant professor


Gofurbekov T.B.



Nasirova Yu.M.




Galushenko I.G.


Mirhaydarova Z.M.

senior teacher


Mamadjanova E.U.

Assistant professor


Tursunova G.A.

Assistant professor


Tursunova R.A.

Assistant professor

  Gulzarova I.S.

Assistant professor


Abrarova M.F.

senior teacher

  Budarina A.G.

senior teacher


Umarova G.M.

senior teacher

Extra information

Success of the department, aktionswich have done plans reports monographs, edicational papers and ete.

The are In the  department

1-Doctor of science

8- Ph D

6- dotcents

The skill of sceencl in the  department is 78,6%,


 I.S. Gulzarova: “Эльдар Азимов. Дирижёр с именем”

Yu. M. Nosirova::”Эволюция принципов претворения

фольклора в узбекской опере”.


Gofurbekov T.B.- : “ Мусиқа менинг борлиғим”

Mamadjanova E.U.- “Traditional music of the uzbeks”


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