Department “Theories of Music” “

  Davydova Tatiana Yurevna
Scientific degree and title: Candidate of art history,senior teacher
Position: Head of the Department
Working days: Tuesday – Wednesday(14:00-16:00)
Tel.: +99890 9017710
E-mail: Shot521@


Chair of theory of music

The chair of music theory being one of the leading graduating departments of the Conservatory takes an important place in education and training of professional personnel. The chair was organized in 1946.

Each year a highly qualified personnel of the chair prepares professionally trained specialists who fruitfully work in music universities, secondary specialized educational institutions of Uzbekistan and abroad.

For many years the chair consisted of such coryphaei theorists as Yu. Tuylin, Yu.Kohn, I. Karelova, O. Polikarpova, A.Kotlarevskiy,  N. Yudenich and G. Batler.

During the period of 1960 – 1995 the chair was replenished with such highly qualified, skilled scientific and educational personnel, as S. Zakrzhevskaya,  S. Galitskaya Yu. Plahov, N. Bordyug,  M. Kovbas, D. Shtern, L. Koval, E. Matsokina, A. Koralsky, L. Krasutskaya, V. Shapkunova, I. Sotnikova, M. Malmberg,   Yu. Katz and promising young personnel as N. Kokulyanskaya, Z Karimova, M. Rozenberg, N. Akhmedkhodjaeva, F. Mukhtarova, A.Azimova, N. Akhundzhanova, S. Hisamova, S. Mirkhodzhaeva, V. Glinsky, S. Matyakubova.

During that period the chair headed by I. Akbarov significantly intensifited its research and methodical work: 4 doctoral and 27 masters theses were defended a set of monographs, textbooks, antilogies, scientific and methodical articles was published; foundation for research in the theory of monody and composers creativity was laid. This scope of scientific researches became a basic orientation for the department`s stuff run by A. Azimova since 1991 till 1996.

In 1996 – 2014 the chair was headed by F. Sh. Mukhtarova. During that period the chair invited proposing young national cadres, who successfully completed postgraduate study and magistracy. At that time the chair published number of monographs,  textbooks, and manuals  in Uzbek for undergraduate  programs on harmony (A. Azimova), polyphony  (F. Mukhtarova), modern harmony (A. Azimova, Sh. Ibragimova), solfeggio (S. Matyakubova), modal harmony ( I. Malmberg), as well as a number of articles in Russian and uzbek languages.

Now the chair is presented by fruitful works of professors – Doctor of art criticism  A. Azimova  and candidate of art criticism F. Mukhtarova , Associate professors – candidate of art criticism  S. Matyakubova and candidate of pedagogical science E. Melkumova, candidate of art criticism T. Davydova,   senior teachers  N. Akhundzhanova, Sh. Ibragimova, S. Makhmudova and teachers M. Radjabova, Sh. Lutfullaeva,  D.Abzalova.   There are three doctoral students on the chair of theory of music: I. Mirtolipova, Sh. Berdikhanova, A. Kutluchurina. The head of their of  scientific works –  Doctor of art criticism  A. Azimova.

The current work of the chair is characterized in the main directions of its research activity

– theoretical problems of modern composers creativity (harmony, polyphony, forms genres, styles)

– the latest writing tools and techniques in the works of the composers of Uzbekistan.

– theoretical questions of monody

-creation of textbooks  and educational methodical literature for high schools, lyceums, colleges and children`s music schools.

All teachers and doctoral students of the chair of theory of music participate in different international and republic science conferences.

Young faculty specialists as well actively participate in research process.
Now on the faculty A. Azimov’s art-criticism doctor and F. Mukhtarov’s art-criticism candidate successfully work professors -; readers are S. Mat’yakubov’s art-criticism candidate and the candidate of pedagogical sciences of E. Mel’kumov;the senior teachers are art-criticism candidate of T. Davydov, N. Akhundzhanov, Sh. Ibragimov, M. Radzhabov, S. Makhmudov, D. Abzalov, Sh. Lutfullaeva, the teachers of N. Sultanbaeva, M. Yusupov.

Mainstreams of research faculty activity:

  • Theoretical problems of modern composer creativity (harmony, polyphony, form, genres, styles)
  • Modern means and the technician of letter in creativity of composers Uzbekistana
    •Theoretical bases are monodic
    • Creation of educational-methodical literature for High schools, lycees, colleges, DSHMI
    • Creation of allowances reflecting theoretical and practical aspects of musicology

The faculty of the theory of the music includes extensive coverage of disciplines being base for formation of high professional level of students of different specialities. In bachelor following disciplines – “Speciality”, “Solfeggio”, “Harmony”, “Polyphony”, “Analysis of pieces of music”, “Theoretical bases monodii”, “Musical acoustics”, “Introduction to speciality”, “Solfeggio Maqom”, “Musical-theoretical systems” are led ; in the magistracy there is “Speciality”, “History of musical styles”, “Modern harmony, polyphony and the form of the XX century”, “E’tnosol’fedzhio”.
Of scientific potential of the faculty issue of monographies, (11) textbooks, (5) educational-methodical allowances, (20) plenty of scientific and scientific-methodical articles in various editions testifies.

                                                    Faculty tasks.
5150201 – Art-criticism: musicology (bachelors) 5A150202 – musical art (magistracy) The faculty carries out work with all specialities of the High school, leading educational employment
1. To the students bachelors following subject matters are taught: solfeggio, maqom solfeggio, harmony, analysis of pieces of music, polyphony, theory of Eastern monadic, introduction to speciality. Individual employment on speciality and the subjects main lecture with the students of kompozitorskogo and musicological separation are led;

  1. To the magistracy students following subject matters are taught: the history of musical styles, modern harmony, polyphony and analysis.Provodyatsya individual employment on speciality and the subjects main lecture with the students of kompozitorskogo and musicological separation ;
    As well the faculty leads big educational-methodical and scientific-research work.Methodical materials are prepared (type and curriculums, educational-methodical complexes). By the faculty manuals on all subject matters, as well as textbook on polyphony are prepared:
  2. AzimovaA. N. “Harmony 1 part” manual (2018)
  3. Mukhtarova F. Sh., Begmatov S. M., Khashimova N. A. “Music asoslari ” (1 part) manual (2018)
  4. Akhundzhanova N. A., Abzalova D. “Solfeggio” manual (2018)
  5. Ibragimov Sh. E, Begmatov S. M., Kasymkhodzhaeva S.B “San’atshunoslikakirish” manual (2018)
  6. Mukhtarova F. Sh. Textbook on polyphony (2018) Each year the members of the faculty issue their scientific researches to articles with subsequent publication:
  7. Melkumova E. I. “Application of the technologies of interactive training in educational process of higher school” // “Professional-pedagogical culture: experience of the past – calls of present state “(Materials VI of international scientific-practical conference).- Russia. Belgrade. June 2017
  8. Melkumova E.I. “Computer telecommunications in the system of higher education” // “Professional formation of the future teacher” (Materials of scientific-practical conference).-Prague, May 2017
  9. DavydovaT.Yu “To the question of interaction of cultural traditions of the East and the West (by the example of symphonic creation Uzbekistan composers)” // “Problems of modern science and formation ” №35 (177). – Moscow, 2017
  10. DavydovaT. Yu. “The way of transformations of genre of the symphony in creativity of West-European composers of 2nd half of the XX century” // XXI asr – intellektual salohiyat asri (Respublika ilmiy-metodik maqolalar to‘plami. 5-qism), T., 2017.

5.Maxmudova S.M. “I.Stravinskiy ijodining so‘nggi davriga bir nazar” // “XXI asr – intellektual salohiyat asri” (Respublika ilmiy-metodik maqolalar to‘plami), 5-qism, T., 2017

6.Maxmudova S.M. «She’riy matnni kuyga solishning asosiy tamoyillari” // “XXI asr – intellektual salohiyat asri” (Respublika ilmiy-metodik maqolalar to‘plami), 5-qism, T., 2017
7. Lutfullaeva Sh.I. “Musiqiy ritorika xususiyatlari”// Cholg‘u    ijrochiligida yosh sozondalari tayyorlashning xalqaro  – me’yoriy masalalari // T., 2017

  1. Lutfullaeva Sh.I. “Sharq va G’arb musiqiy ritorikasini ”// Cholg‘u ijrochiligi: muammo va echimlari (Respublika ilmiy-amaliy anjuman materiallari to‘plami) // T., 2017
  2. Ibragimov Sh. E. Ibragimova Sh.E. “S.Skott fortepiano uslubining xususiyatlari (fortepiano uchun asarlar to‘plamining tahlili bo‘yicha)” // Ilm-fan va ta’lim integrasiyasi (Respublika ilmiy-uslubiy maqolalar to‘plami),T.,2017.
    10. RadzhabovaM. A. “About problem of the music form in product composer Uzbekistan” // “European Journal of Arts” №1.- Viena, 2017
  3. RadzhabovaM. A. “Antiquity studying is as the most important direction in musicology” // “Problems of modern science and formation ” №5 (87). – Moscow, 2017
  4. MukhtarovaF.Sh. “Role of individual employment in vocational training of musicians”.To collector «XXI asr – intellektualsaloxiyatasi» (respublikailmiy-metodikmaqolalar to‘plami.5-qism),T.,2017
    13. Mukhtarova F. Sh. “To the question of concept ostinato in the music” // Journal “The bulletin of science and creativity”.Kazan, 2018№3
    14. Makhmudova S. M. Vokal kuyda o‘zbek nutq ohangilining ritmo-sintaktik qonuniyatning ifodalanishining” // “XXI asr – intellektual salohiyat asri” (Respublika ilmiy-metodik maqolalar to‘plami), 8-qism, T., 2018.
  5. Makhmudova S. M. “Some questions of account rytm – syntactic laws of Uzbek voice intonation of vocal melody” // Journal “Young scientist”. Kazan, 2018 №6
  6. RadzhabovaM. A. “Musikiy shakllarrivojlanishitarixidan” // Tradition and present state in musical art. Materials of republic scientific-practical conference. T., 2018
  7. Mukhtarova F. Sh. “Evolution of the fugue, August 2018”. In the journal “Science and the world”, Volgograd, August 2018
  8. DavydovaT. Yu “Value of modern pedagogical technologies in training of students-musicologists” // Journal “Young scientist”, Kazan., 2018, September
  9. RadzhabovaM. A. Musikiy shakllar tarixidan” // “Musiqa san’atining dolzarb masalalari: yondashuvlar, muammolar, istiqbollar” mavzusidagi Respublika ilmiy-amaliy konferensiyasida. T., 2018.
    leads a huge work on intellectual-educational work with the students of all departments. Conversations, visiting of concerts, museums and theatres will be organized.

Structure of department

the Faculty of “The theory of the music” is a part of the department of SCU BMFAXXDF

The main composition of the faculty:
  Davydova Tatiana Yurevna

the candidate of art-criticism, the senior teacher



there is the doctor of art-criticism, professor


Mukhtarova Flora Shaakhmetovna

 is the candidate of art-criticism, professor


Akhundzhanova Natalia Adylovna

is the senior teacher

Melkumova Ella Ivanovna

 is the candidate of pedagogical sciences,docent



is the senior teacher



there is the senior teacher


there is the senior teacher

  Matyakubova Svetlana Kakhkharovna

is the candidate of art-criticism, docent

Abzalova Dilorom Abdumuslimovna

there is the senior teacher

Lutfullayeva Shokhista Ilyasovna

is the senior teacher


Yusupova Madina Zairovna

there is teacher

Saidov Komil Fazylovich

there is teacher


Additional information.

The faculty leads a big work on preparation of young specialists. Scientific research of doctoral students the third year are ready to protection of thesis for a doctor’s degree (PhD):
1.Berdihanova ShakhidaNurlybaevna “Rhythmic bases of Karakalpak traditional music”;
2.MirtolipovaIrodaMirtakhirovna “Mikrokhromatika. Theory, history and practice “.
3.Scientific research of doctoral students the second year of training of Kutluchurina Alina Alfredovna “Traditional principles of musical thinking in creativity of composers of Uzbekistan of the last decades” is in stage of completion.

By the members of the faculty scientific seminars held: – High school:

  1. DavydovaT. Yu. “Traditions of Uzbek symphony (by the example of symphonic creativity of I. Akbarov)” (2017).
  2. DavydovaT. Yu. “Implementation of innovative technologies to subject teaching” Analysis of pieces of music “(2018)
  3. DavydovaT. Yu.” Information-computer technology lessons of theoretical disciplines “(2019).
  4. Melkumova E. And” Innovative technologies in higher school. Professional subject training in with profile vocational training “(TUIT, 2017)
  5. Melkumova E. And” Standardisation of top vocational training. Professional computation by “(TUIT, 2018) Members the faculties were conducted foreman – classes in average musical-professional organizations

By members the faculties were led foreman – classes in average musical-professional organizations
1. Makhmudova S. M. “Reading at sight on solfeggio lessons” (2018)

  1. Melkumova E.I. “Harmonious rumour and the base of the technique of his development by trainee of the senior classes” (2018)
  2. Melkumova E.I “Of various systems of the solfeggio teaching by trainee of elementary grades” (2018) Annually by the faculty subject Olympiads with (in-high school and republic) the students of 1 High schools rates of culture and arts will be organized. Following students received prize-winning places:

1.Galimova Diana (stringed department). DavydovaT.Yu. teacher
2.Hasanova Farangiz  (piano department). Akhundzhanova N.A. teacher

Corporate communications. Pursuant to made contracts with higher educational establishments (Uzbek State institute of culture and art), unions and cents (Uzbek Union of composers, Republic educational centre), lycees (RIMAL named after Glie’ra and RIMAL named after Uspenskij) work was led in a few directions:

1.Metodic  are work.

Uzbekistan conservatories are -Participation in methodical seminars of the RIMAL named after Uspenskij and lycee at State.

Administration and reviewing of final qualifying works on the FPK of teachers of musical lycees by leading faculty teachers (Mukhtarova F. Sh., Akhundzhanov N. A.,Davydova T. Yu.):

2.frequently in activity of the RIMAL named after Glie’ra.

The RIMAL to them. Glie’ra – Makhmudova S. A. was the chairman of the GEK of the ninth classes and III rates on subjects “Solfeggio” and “Harmony”. Lycee at SCU – The teachers of the faculty of “The theory of the music” of Ibragimova Sh., Abzalova D., Davydova T. Yu., Mirtalipova I.M., Lutfullaeva Sh. I., Radzhabova M. A. participated in the GEK ALOD at GKU. Improvement of professional skill of faculty teachers:

2016 of IbragimovaSh.E, Abzalova D. A., Mirtalipova I they Passed improvement of professional skill (288ch.) at State institute of culture and Uzbekistan art 2017 of Davydova T. Yu., Lutfullaeva Sh. I. Passed improvement of professional skill (288ch.) at State institute of culture and Uzbekistan art 2018 of Melkumova E. I. Passed improvement of professional skill (288ch.) at State institute of culture and Uzbekistan art