(O‘zbek) Marketing bo‘limi

Position: Head of department
Reception days Tuesday – Friday  14:00 – 16:00
Tel.: 91-133-81-87    71-244-85-85
E-mail: azamat_ermatov1987@mail.ru


Tasks of Marketing  department

– Continuously carry out marketing research in the market of educational services, to study in the educational services, i.e. to study the professional qualifications of graduates of bachelor’s  and Master’s  and to determine their compliance with the requirements of employers (consumers).

– Objects of business division – institutions (employer enterprises, organizations with various forms of ownership – state and local authorities, state and non-governmental organizations, etc.), including the proportion of demand and supply of graduates of  bachelor’s and Master’s.To establish a complete data bank by assessing its structure, identifying and assessing geographic location, as well as identifying potential capacities.

– Creating a data bank about current year’s graduates (with a family name, name and surname, on the basis of state grants and payment-contractual forms of education).

– Formulate a current and perspective “order portfolio” of government grants and payment contracts, taking into account existing training organizations of areas or specialties (orders) and  organizations  for determining students’ performance indicators.

– Establishment of the State Commission for Job Opportunities of graduates of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and final distribution of  plans for the distribution of the work of graduates (original, defined) by the Divisional Commissariat for the needs of employers ‘organizations, enterprises and organizations for staff, and the results of the graduates’ compilation and generalization.

– Preparation and registration of graduates and all necessary documents for employment (diploma, job posting, distribution committee decision, personal distribution account) and handing over to graduates.

– Appeal to the Commission of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan for review and decision-making by young professionals who have been distributed by the Distribution Commission and to carry out the necessary decision-making, redistribution or self-employment.

– Complete acceptance of a part of work permission that are distributed  among job-seekers and their creation, as well as creation of a complete final databank on their distribution within the division of enterprises or organizations on their division or redistribution (including independent employment).

– To set back contacts with young specialists who have been employed for the current year and for the past few years, to provide them with practical and methodological assistance, counseling and generalization of the results of their work.

– Implementation of the plan of the new academic year (state grants and payment acceptance plan, competition of accepted applications, number of accepted students, distribution of their courses according to the directions of education, training languages, etc.).

– To conclude two-way agreements on production of 3 years of work at the workplace after graduation from the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan with the state scholarships in the new academic year.

– Publication of information about graduates by means of information (through newspapers, magazines, radio and television, electronic communications, web-site) on employment of employers (consumers), information on the graduates publishing, posting and transmitting them to consumers (employers), advertising content, sketch of advertising modules, articles participation in the production of scenarios for video, audio and video recording.

– Providing information to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education about the real needs of staff and the results of the final distribution of graduates among relevant ministries (agencies) and the employers’ organizations, enterprises and organizations, .

– Participation of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan in the republican, regional and international exhibitions and fairs to demonstrate the opportunities and advantages of graduates of  bachelor’s  and Master’s, organization of exhibitions and showcases on the territory of the organization.

– In cooperation with the relevant chairs of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan (councils, faculties, chairs, etc.), the bachelor’s degree and master’s specialties are awarded by the state grant on a three-year basis, as well as on the professional activity, and the development and implementation of measures to facilitate their promotion.

– Preparation and organization of the internal report of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan on the results of the work of young specialists, preparation of the annual report of the department of marketing services on the bachelor’s  and Master’s.