Department of Chamber Music and Concert Mastery

Academic degree and title Professor
Position: Head of department
Reception days Daily (16:00-17:00)
Tel.: +99897 707 75 60

History of the department

Tashkent State Conservatory was founded in 1936. The department was part of the department “Special Piano”. Since 1970, she was singled out in an independent department and was named the chair of Accompanist Mastery.  In 1948 the Chamber Music Department was created.

Profound, truly invaluable pedagogical foundations were laid by the forefathers of chamber music and mastering skills: professors A. Meerovich, A. Kotlerovsky, I. Ibragimov, S. Galyanova, L. Malmberg, Y. Mikhailovskaya and S. Kagantseva. In order to further streamline and improve the educational process in 2010, the decision of the Academic Council of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan merged two departments with their rich pedagogical traditions and heritage into one, which received  the name of the department “Chamber music and accompanist mastery”.

The department has the right to be proud of its students. Only in the last decade, the department has prepared for participation in national and international competitions a number of young musicians who have been awarded the diploma “The Best Accompanist”. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan awarded certificates of the department to “Tasanno” certificates.

Bachelor’s Directions:

  • 5150700 – Instrumental performance (piano (organ))
  • 5150700 – Instrumental performance (stringed instruments)

Directions of the magistracy:

  • 5А5150701 – Instrumental Performance (Piano (Organ))
  • 5А5150702 – Instrumental Performance (stringed instruments)

Bachelor of study: 

  1. Chamber Ensemble

2. Accompanist Master

Master’s special disciplines:

  1. The art of chamber ensemble
  2. Accompanist mastery and practical work of the accompanist.   

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Safarova Sabohat Yaminovna – Professor
  2. Kosimova Malika Bakhritdinovna – Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
  3. Gringhof Anna Genrikhovna – Associate Professor
  4. Myakushko Tatiana Yuryevna – Acting assistant professor
  5. Dergacheva Ella Anatolyevna  – Acting assistant professor
  6. Akhmetshina Dilyara Marsovna – senior teacher
  7. Babajanova Zinaida Anatolievna – Senior Lecturer
  8. Bigashev Galiaskar Faridovich – Senior Lecturer
  9. Karyakina Liliya Mikhailovna – Тeacher
  10. Mnatsakanyan Isabella Albertovna – Тeacher

Professors and teachers who worked at the department

  1. Adolf Berndgardovich Meerovich- professor;
  2. Kotlyarevsky Arseny Nikolaevich – professor;
  3. Ibragimov Ilyas Ibrahimovic – Professor;
  4. Malmberg Lyubov Andreevna – Professor;
  5. Bukin Nikolay Aleksandrovich – professor;
  6. Mikhailovskaya Julia Semenovna- associate professor;
  7. Kagantseva Sara Vladimirovna – Associate Professor;
  8. Zufarova Saida Zukrullaevna – Associate Professor;
  9. Galyanova Serafima Petrovna – Associate Professor;
  10. Mukhamedzhanova Zahro Satvaldyevna – Associate Professor;
  11. Igor I. Fomenko, Associate Professor;
  12. Yuldasheva Saida Bahramovna – Associate Professor