Rasulova Tatyana Salikhovna
Scientific degree and scientificrank: Acting professor
Position: Head of a chair
Reception days: on Mondays – on Wednesdays from 10:00 till 12:00
Tel.: +99890-933-98-94


DepartmentIn 1936 yearin connection withthe foundation Conservatory therewere originate the “History” and “Philosophy” chairs. In1986 yearthetwochairswere consolidatedor integratedintoonechairwhich was named “Social-politicalsciences”, andin 2009 yearthe  chair of “Social-politicalsciences” was consolidatedwith the  chairof “Physical education”and began to callthe  chair  of the “Social-human sciences”.The  chair was headedthe candidate of historical sciences, professor I.А.Nemirofsky. At the  chairthere worked professor A.Z.Ziyatof, candidate of philosophical sciences, assistant professor T.S.Rasulova, candidate economic sciences, assistant professorZ.S.Degtyareva, candidate of philosophical sciences, assistant professor M.G.Ganief, candidate of political sciences, assistant professor А.K.Khaidarof,  candidate of political sciences, assistant professor N.Sh.Berdalief, doctor of philosophical sciences S.S.Agzamkhodjaeva. Now the head of the  chairis candidate of philosophical sciences, aсting professor T.S.Rasulova.

Professorsandteachersofthechairgive lectures and conduct seminarsto the bachelor  students,and master students at all of the departmentsof the Conservatory.

In the current year atthechairstaffthere are 11 professors and teachers there.There are 4 candidate of the sciences, 6 master teachersand a teacher.

Mean age of the chair staff is about 50.

Thechairprofessorsandteachersconductlessonon 13 disciplines or subjects in the State language and Russian.


Thechair“Social-human sciences”is included in the Department of Uzbek Musical Perfomance of the Uzbek State Conservatory.

Umarov Saidvaly Saidakhmedovich

Candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor

Chаriev Tursun Lhuvaevich

Candidate of history sciences, assistant professor

Khudoikulov Ural Karimovich

Candidate of history sciences, master teacher

Tursunbaeva Nasiba Tastanovna

Senior teacher


Akilov Marat Kamilovich

Senior teacher


Palibaeva Zulfiya Khalmakhanovna

Senior teacher

Mirzaev Muzaffar Dilmurodovich

Senior teacher

Abdujalilov Bakhrom Sobirovich

Senior teacher

Dekhkonova Makhmuda Ortikovna

Senior teacher

Jabborova Salomat Rajabovna



Kuldashbaev Bakhodirjon Akhadjon

The head of the laboratory


Additional information.

The main subject of bachelor students (uzb. /russ. ): 

  • History of Uzbekistan;
  • Philosophy;
  • Religious studies ;
  • Sociology(social science);
  • Economical theory;
  • Rudiments management;
  • Ecology;
  • Ethnology;
  • Theoryandpracticeofconstruction the democraticsociety in Uzbekistan;
  • National Idea: the mail conception  and principle;
  • Rudimentsvaleology;
  • Physicalculture and sport.

The main subject of Master students (uzb. /russ. ):

  • Methodology of scientific creation;
  • National Idea: Strategy ofsocial-economical development  of Uzbekistan;

1.      RasulovaTatyanaSalikhovna– “Theprinciple ofartgeneralization  (on the material of the opera genre’ works)”.Theme  of the philosophical candidate’s thesis.

2.      Чариев Турсун Хуваевич– “Forming scientifically-educational people in Uzbekistan (1920-1930 years), problems, experience, lessons”. Theme of the historical candidate’s thesis.

3.      Умаров Сайидвали Сайидахмедович- “Sources of the forming and using the real incomeof the urban population”(on the example of Tashkent). Theme of the economical candidate’s thesis.

4.      Худойқулов Урол Каримович- “Light and food industry in the southern regions of Uzbekistan: problems and result (1970-1990 years)”. Theme of the historical candidate’s thesis.



The Chair  “Socialhuman sciencesco-operation:

The National University of Uzbekistan named afterМ.Ulugbek;

Philosophical society of Uzbekistan;

TheStateInstituteofartandculture of Uzbekistan;

TashkentStateInstituteofOriental Studies;


 Published text-books, manuals (orguides) andmonographsby the professors and teachers of the chair

Family name The name of the scientific work Genre  of the scientific work The Year of publication Wordage
Rasulova T.S. “AmirTimur-the ligh of Asia, or destinysign of Sakhibkiran”. Monograph 2011 175 p.
Rasulova T.S. “Djelal-ad-Din Mukhammad Akbar – Devotee of the Cosmic Evolution”. Monograph 2013 352 p.
Tursunbaeva N.T. “History of Uzbekistan”. Methodical manual 2014 115 p.
PalibaevaZ.Kh, “RudimentsValeology”. Methodical  manual 2014 250 p.
Rasulova T.S. “Bringing down theblaze ofZaratushtra, or heroic deed at the length of the life”. Monograph 2015 317 p.
Rasulova T.S. “Ulugbek-towards  or call unextinguishable distant star”. Monograph 2017 336 p.