Department “Music Library”

Academic degree and title no
Position: Head of department
Reception days Friday from 14:00 to 16:30
Tel.: +99899-876 17 22

Department Music Library

Music library – phonotech (from Greek phone – “sound” and “repository “) is an institution that collects and stores audio information on device for public and private users, and also carries out reference and statistical work. Nowadays, private collections of music and other audio material are also called the music collection.

Record library employees

  1. Head of Department – Aripov F. M.
  2. Recordist (saound operator) – Jamoliddinov J. F.
  3. Sound engineer – Ismatullayev A. Kh.
  4. Sound engineer – Nuriddinov D. E.

All employees of the department are graduates of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan was opened in 1936 and after several years of work at the Conservatory, as a result of development of manuals and curricula in 1954, the Audio Department was opened.

Since 2002, the audio department has been renamed to Fonoteca. At this time, the Audio library is engaged in digitizing and restoring old recordings and transferring them to digital media. The phonoteca staff restored a large number of audio recordings of various genres, such as the pearls of the cultural heritage of Uzbek classical music, maqom, instrumental and folk music, world classical, compositional and jazz music.

The department was an auxiliary unit for the departments of musical theoretical directors. The task of this department was to provide the necessary audio recordings on L.P. records and tape carriers for conducting the educational process. In addition, this department was engaged in the creation of its own archive of audio records of the conservatory, as well as the restoration of magnetic tapes and gram records.

Information reference and purpose of the Fonoteka Department

The structure of the “Fonoteca” department and its staffs are approved by the rector of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. The department consists of  4 people: the head of the department, the recordist (sound operator) and two sound engineers.

The purpose of the “Music Library” is educational support work of the department. The task of the department include providing audio and video material in conducting modern innovative activities, as well as preserving, restoring and digitizing audio material.

The activities of the department are aimed at providing educational, methodological and research activities in various subjects, as well as to support scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, organizational, spiritual and educational work.

The music library has various audio information carriers: L.P. records, magnetic tapes, audio cassettes, minidisks, CD and DVD disks, VHS-tapes. All necessary equipment is available for conducting classes and saving audio data.

The music library is engaged in the preservation of the intangible heritage of Uzbekistan. To date, 5000 hours of various music has been digitized, where more than 200 L.P. records and 3000 magnetic tapes. As well as the department is engaged in recording and preserving the following events: concerts, festivals, competitions, scientific conferences, open lessons, workshops and concerts of the teaching staff, and other events held within the walls of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

Today the department has all the necessary equipment and a separate language laboratory. It is taught audio and video lessons, listening to music, self-study.