Academic degree and title Acting assistant professor
Position: Head of Chair
Reception days Tuesday – Friday 14.00 -16.00
Tel.: +99897 744-08-70

Functions of the Department

In the 50’s of last century in the Republic of Uzbekistan one can see start and bust of the popular music. At that time first popular music bands were established from such young composers as Albert Malakhov, Enmark Salikhov, and such supporters of pop music as Evgeniy Jivaev, Botir Zakirov, luiza Zakirova ect.  During following years pop music started to bust and found its place in the art of Uzbekistan. Several pop bands and orchestras were created, held different kind of festivals and contests. Consequently in 1996 presidential decree on “Development of national popular art” was accepted.

Based on the above mentioned decree in all special schools the subject of popular art was implemented. Moreover, in  Tashkent state the faculty of popular performance was established with such majors as  variety singing and variety instrumental performance. The creation and establishment of the department was lead by famous in Uzbekistan art representative Enmark Salikhov. Later on the department was leaded by composer Nadim Narkhodjaev. step by step famous pop music and art representatives and professors with great experience in the area became part of the department. The most outstanding of them are Masur Toshmatov, Yunus Turaev, Nadim Narkhadjaev, Dilorom Omonullaeva and Bokhodir Murtazaev.

Due to evolution of the department as well as existing requirements in the country it was separated in two department: “Variety singing” and “Variety instrumental performance”. These two departments with newly created “Music directing” department formed a faculty of Pop art. The head of the faculty became Kh.I.Nazarov, who has been working in the department since its establishment.

during the period the department of variety instrumental performers of piano, trombone, guitar, saxphone have been graduated. Now a days they spread their knowledge in the art schools in the regions of republic, became part of music bands. In the department created Big Band the head is professor Bakhodir Muratazaev, and Greg Israilov, later on the director became Arsen Nazaryan. the big band performs in Conservatory as well as other stages of the country participates in wide range on country events starting from charity concerts to official high level events. Arsen Nazaryan is still the head of the band.

In line with the proffers of the department,  in  2017-2018 academic year such graduates of the department as Greg Israilov, Adelya Bagamonova, Valentin Korotkov, Utkir Abdullaev, Sergey Yankin joind to the department as teachers and started to essential place in the department work. In the boosting the department role of such PHD candidates as Viktor Medyulyanov, Lola Ganieva, and teachers Khushnud Nazarov, Rano Atabekova, Zukhra Sadikova, Sergey Gulbin  and Olga Asminkina should be mentioned.

In the past years number of students of the department had participated in international contests and have gained grand pries (Arsen Atabekov, Yulduz Baratova, Javad Atabekov, Jakhongir Ishaliev, Andrey Galyan, Kira Kuprikhina, Bobur  Ismoilov, Sardor Jamalliddinov, Doston Bosilov).

Department structure

  • Jazz piano
  • Guitar (electro guitar)
  • Bass guitar (Jazz contrabass)
  • Drum instruments
  • Saxophone (Jazz clarinet)
  • Jazz trombone
  • Jazz trumpet

Staff members:

  1. Narhojaev Nadim Qodirovich – Professor
  2. Ganieva Lola Muhsinovna – Assistant professor
  3. Isroilov Greg Ruslanovich –  Senior lecturer
  4. Saparov Valeriy Ibragimovich – Senior lecturer
  5. Iankin Sergey Aleksandrovich – Senior lecturer
  6. Abdullaev Utkir Saadullaevich – Senior lecturer
  7. Bagamanova Adila Talhaevna – Senior lecturer
  8. Korotkov Valentin Victorovich – Senior lecturer
  9. Sadukova Zuhra Sotdoldievna-Lecturer
  10. Nazaryan Arsen Ashotovich Senior – lecturer
  11. Kurbanov Dilshod Usmonovich – Senior lecturer
  12. Ilyasova Dono Donievna – Lecturer
  13. Gulbin Sergey Viktorovich – Accompanist
  14. Asminkina Olga Pavlovna – Accompanist