Academic Performance Faculty

Academic degree and title Associate Professor
Position: Dean of the faculty
Reception days Everyday from 14:00 to 16:00.
Tel.: 71 244 – 28 – 29

Brief history of the faculty:

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures for Further Development and Improvement of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan” dated August 8, 2017, PQ-3178, the Faculty of Academic Performance was established. 5150600 – “Vocal Art (Academic Singing)”, 5150600 – “Vocal Art (Choir Singing)”, 5150500 – Conducting (Academic Choir Conducting), 5150700 – “Folk Performance” At present in the chairs of the specialty are well-known and leading music artists of Uzbekistan – People’s Artists of Uzbekistan Muyassar Razzakova, Ismail Jalilov, Avaz Rajabov, Normumin Sultonov, Honored Artist of Uzbekistan. Saint Rizayeva, Honored Artists of Uzbekistan Odil Nazarov, Komil Shermatov, Olga Aleksandrova, Honored Youth Coach of Uzbekistan Vladimir Neymer are preparing qualified specialists for the development of national music art.

Undergraduate Studies:

5150600 – “Vocal art (academic singing)”, “Vocal art (choral singing)”

5150500 – Conductor (Academic Choir Conduct), Conductor (Opera and Symphony Conductor), Conductor (Conductor of Uzbek Folk Orchestra), Conductor (Conductor of Military Orchestra), Conductor (conductor) conductivity) ”

5150700 – “Performing music (folk instruments) education directions

There are 4 departments in the faculty.

  1. Academic singing and opera training;
  2. Performance on folk instruments;
  3. Chorus conducting;
  4. Conducting an orchestra.

The faculty carries out the process of personnel training on a daily basis. The faculty also works with young professionals. Scientific seminars, roundtables with prominent scientists and experts are organized to strengthen the scientific potential of the faculty and give lectures on improving projects. Discussion of modern interactive teaching methods. The faculty has also established innovative partnerships with foreign music organizations, including regular meetings with leading experts from Italy, Germany, Russia, South Korea, master classes, presentations, talks and discussions.

There are many state scholarship holders, prize-winners of the International and Republican competition.

The academic performance of the Academic Performance Faculty is being worked out to meet the modern requirements. For this purpose, the teaching staff of the faculty, who teach students the basics of music, has been trained in foreign countries and will certainly enjoy the fruits in the future.