On September 26, 2019, the “Investments Day” event was held at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan, in which graduate and post-graduate students participated. It was also attended by B. Ashurov, the head of the department for research and scientific-pedagogical training, and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)M. Abrarova, Head of the Graduate Department.

At the spotlight of the event was a collection of musical notes for the hymn to Motherland“My Motherland” presented by the teacher of the choir-conducting department of the state conservatory of Uzbekistan U. Shakarimov. Shakarimov createda collection of notes “My Motherland” for preschool educational institutionsusing innovative technologies.

Shakarimovinformed the participants about the processes of convertingconcepts into music, which broadly used abroad. Transporting a collection of notes with an electronic audio application has beenbeneficial to the teachers as well as to the parents. It also provides a guide on using the “Erkatoy” application program. The program is suitable for downloading, listening, and memorizing the songs of this manual on phones running on the Android system. The the text of the songs by the 20th century composers, has been recorded in the Sibelius program. You can listen to each song by typing a special code. All songs has been published in the “Erkatoy” magazine.

Abrarova, on behalf of the audience, congratulated U. Shakarimov on the implementation of this innovative idea, stating that creation of new innovative books and teaching aids has become animperative of our time.

Musical works now has been easilytransferred to the QR program, intended for students of the conservatory. Participants received answers to their questions. We hope that U. Shakarimov’s innovative technologies will further attract foreign investors. At the end of the event, it was decided to develop even more applications by posting them on the Play market.